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Past Presidents

Learn about our past presidents below:


More past Presidents and the title of their Presidential Address 

1983/1984 –  Dr R T Williams, “The Acid and the Alcaly”

1982/1983 – Professor J R Moore OBE,  “North Manchester Health District”

1981/1982 – Dr N J de Ville Mather, “The sane and insane offender”

1980/1981 – Dr A H Gowenlock, “Fat – fact and fantasy”

1979/1980 – Dr S Oleesky, “Diabetes in the last 300 years”

1978/1979 – Professor A R Hunter, “Intensive Care, of what, by whom, and at what cost?”

1977/1978 – Mr A Jolleys, “Surgery in children related to growth”

1976/1977 – Professor P S Byrne CBE, “Medical education and society”

1975/1976 – Professor H T Howat CBE, “Pancreatitis”

1974/1975 – Mr T Moore, “Women’s lib”

1973/1974 – Professor A Holzel, “The child is father to the man”

1972/1973 – Professor M C G Israëls, “Consumer research: Lessons from haematology”

1971/1972 – Mr W F Nicholson MBE, “Serendipity and surgery”

1970/1971 – Professor A C P Campbell, “Is pathology really necessary?”

1969/1970 – Dr A M Jones, “The nature of the coronary problem”

1968/1969 – Mr A H Hilton, “The stapes, from fish to mammal”

1967/1968 – Mr D S Poole-Wilson CBE, “Urology, the past, the present and the future”

1966/1967 – Professor R E Lane CBE, “Man-made diseases – some recent problems”

1965/1966 – Dr E D Gray, “Radiological aspects of gastroenterology”

1964/1965 – Professor G A G Mitchell OBE, “Evolution and man”

1963/1964 – Professor V F Lambert, “Manchester otolaryngology – its heritage and its future”

1962/1963 – Lord Platt, “Ageing and death”

1961/1962 – Mr H T Simmons,  No Presidential Address this year

1960/1961 – Professor W Schlapp, “The nature of inhibition in the nervous system”

1959/1960 – Dr C E Sykes,  “Modern anaesthesia”

1958/1959 – Dr F R Ferguson, “Neurology – bridging the gap”

1957/1958 – Mr R L Newell, “Recollections of my teachers”

1956/1957 – Dr J F Wilkinson, “What’s bred in the bone”

1955/1956 – Dr W Brockbank, “Old anatomical theatres and what happened therein”

1954/1955 – Dr H P Fay, “General practice – today and tomorrow”

1953/1954 – Professor J Morley, “A surgical retrospect”

1952/1953 – Professor J C Bramwell, “Heart disease and pregnancy”

1951/1952 – Sir William Fletcher Shaw,  “Charles Clay of Manchester: the father of Ovariotomy in England”

1950/1951 – Mr W H Hey,  No record of Presidential Address title


The Society was reconstituted in 1950