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Support the Manchester Medical Society

Support Us

The Manchester Medical Society is a charity registered in England and Wales (number 22800). MMS is an independent, self-governing, learned society that receives no state funding and thus relies on your support to exist. 

As an unincorporated association and registered charity, we fund our development initiatives, sector advocacy and provision of medical education through membership fees, donations, and chargeable events.

Reasons to donate to Manchester Medical Society:

  • Further support a cause you are already a part of
  • The important role that Manchester Medical Society plays as a major provided of continuing medical education (CME) within the North West
  • The social impact you want to achieve
  • Your personal experience of the Manchester Medical Society
  • Your personal and career goals and how Manchester Medical Society has helped you reach them
  • Donating to Manchester Medical Society is the perfect opportunity for you to make a difference to the work that we do

Make a donation

One-off donations can be made by a cheque payable to the Manchester Medical Society (charity no 222800). Annual donations can also be made to spread a gift over a number of years.

Tax efficient donations: When giving to a charitable cause, donors may take advantage of a wide range of tax reliefs. These increase the value of the gift to the Manchester Medical Society and are tax-efficient for the donor.

Gift Aid: Donors who pay income tax or capital gains tax in the UK can increase the value of their donation to the Manchester Medical Society by 25% through a Gift Aid Declaration. A single declaration covers all donations made from UK taxable income and allows the Manchester Medical Society to claim back tax on donations.


Have you made a will?

Once you have made provision for your family and friends, you may choose to remember the Society in your Will.

Gifts to charity are exempt from all Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax so Manchester Medical Society benefits from the full value of your gift.  There are three main ways of leaving a bequest:

Residuary Bequest: A share of your estate; the most valuable bequest as it is not eroded by inflation.

Pecuniary Bequest: A fixed sum of money.  In order to preserve its value, this should be index linked.

Specific Bequest: The value of your house or of other possessions.

The following form of bequest may be used if you wish to remember Manchester Medical Society in your will:-

I give unto the “Manchester Medical Society” (Registered Charity No 222800) the sum of £           which I direct to be paid to the Treasurer of the said Society, and to be applied for the purposes of Manchester Medical Society in such a manner as the Trustees therefore may determine.*

*Note:  Any special directions or conditions that the donor may wish to be attached to the donation should be added here.