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Pathology Office Bearers & Members of Council

2023/2024 Office Bearers and Council Members



About the Council

Under its constitution, the Section Council has a complement of 11 Office Bearers and Council members consisting of the following:

President Immediate Past President Two Vice Presidents Honorary Secretaries Six other members.

The running of the Section is managed by the Council who are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting. Section Council members give freely of their own time in order to approach potential speakers, they also commit to attending two-three committee meetings per annum where the educational programmes for the ensuing 12 months are arranged. They are supported in this endeavour by permanent staff based at The University of Manchester.

The Vice Presidential term is for one year although it is preceded by two years’ serving as Vice President and succeeded by a year as Immediate past-president. The Honorary Secretary serves for a term of three years.

The term of service for Ordinary Members of Section Council (including trainee members) is three years and is not renewable although Ordinary Members may continue to serve as an Officer of the Section. Ordinary Members are elected after consideration by the existing Section Council at the section Annual General Meeting. The Section Council is always keen to attract new members.  Any individual who is a member of the Society who is interested in serving can contact the Society or Section secretaries.