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Odontology Related News

Dental Students Poster Displays 2024

Dental students were invited to submit an abstract of a case presentation and those selected were invited to produce a poster which were displayed at an afternoon meeting on Wednesday 17th April 2024.  The quality of all posters displayed was... Read more

Alan Hilton Presentation Afternoon

Wednesday 1st March 2023

Alan Hilton Presentations Shreeya Patel – Temporal artery biopsies – audit of histopathological criteria outcomes Elise Morley – Use of custom silicone putty device for nasal tube stabilisation in orthognathic surgery to minimise... Read more

Odontology ePosters 2022

A rare presentation of angioleiomyoma in the oral cavity: – Mike Smith Immediate retrieval of sublingually displaced residual root – Eson Rasikh External fixation, 3D computer planning and bone... Read more