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Dr Gareth Hughes, President of the Section of Medicine The Manchester Medical Society’s Section of Medicine organises a series of clinical         symposia of multidisciplinary and specialist topics throughout the year plus the   opportunity  for  trainees to present clinical cases and quality improvement projects. All the   Section’s meetings are of a high educational standard and Continual Professional   Development (CPD) approval is applied for through the Royal College of Physicians. We   aim to cover topics across the breadth of medical specialities and whether you’re a   student, trainee or specialist there’s something for everyone. Members of other sections of   the Society are welcome to attend and contribute to the diverse meetings we have on   offer.


 The council is always keen to hear from current or potential members whom may wish to   join the Society and contribute to our educational programme. Anyone wishing to become more involved in the section or if you have ideas for future meetings please do get in touch with us via the Society Secretariat at

Dr Sally Jewsbury, Section President

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