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Beyond the Drill: A Journey into Armed Forces Dentistry

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2.30 pm       

Coffee, Registration & Viewing of Posters produced by the following dental students:

  • Michael McBrearty – Case Report: A rare presentation of a sublingual swelling due to a herniated mylohyoid muscle.
  • Amaan Amjad – Laugier-Hunziker Syndrome: A Case Report
  • Shivani Chohan – A puzzling case of exfoliative cheilitis
  • Sultan Alotaibi – Papillary Cystadenoma: A Rate Encounter in The Buccal Sulcus

3.15 pm          

Beyond the Drill: A Journey into Armed Forces Dentistry

Alastair Armer, Clinical Teaching Fellow in Restorative Medicine, University Dental Hospital Manchester

Learning ojbectives:

  1. Understanding the Role of Armed Forces Dentistry:
  • Explore the history and evolution of the Royal Army Dental Corps (RADC) and its significance within the wider military environment.
  • Discuss the unique challenges faced by dental professionals in providing care to armed forces personnel during peacetime and on operations.
  • Highlight the critical role of uniformed dental teams in maintaining dental fitness for soldiers on the front line.
  1. Differences Between Civilian and Military Dentistry:
  • Compare and contrast the practice of dentistry in the armed forces with civilian practice.
  • Address the unique lifestyle and training pathways available to Armed Forces dentists.
  1. Recruitment and Career Opportunities:
  • Describe the recruitment process for all dental professionals.
  • Discuss both Regular (full-time) and Reserve (part-time) career paths available in the Royal Army Dental Corps.

CPD Development Outcomes:

Outcome A: Clinical Effectiveness:

  • Clinical practices specific to military settings including trauma management, emergency dental care, and unique challenges faced during deployments.

Outcome B: Communication Skills:

  • Effective communication is vital in armed forces dentistry, not only with patients but also the chain of command.

Outcome C: Professionalism:

  • The Army expects high standards of professionalism, knowing how to deal with ethical dilemmas and confidentiality in military contexts

Outcome D: Management and Leadership Skills:

  • Armed forces dentist take on leadership roles, including team management, resource allocation, and adapting to diverse environments.

4.15 pm          



This event is free for all delegates.

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